What is Ele-Eder?
Ele-Eder is a customized language teaching classroom sited in the city center of Bilbao and with good proximity links, in terms of public transport and educational centers. But, beyond its location, it is a class that provides a different style with respect to language teaching in general based on the communicative method, a learning system that focuses on the functional aspects of language, that is, how to debate, how ask for information, how to write a letter of complaint, how to give opinion, how to assess, how to define … Due to the idea of making a correct usage of language, the lessons not only focus on grammar, but also in the fields of logic (adequacy, cohesion and coherence in spoken and written texts), dialectics (sample of the advantages, problems and contradictions in speech) and rhetoric (persuasive and elegant usage of language).

Ele-Eder has an appropriate material to give classes with audio and video, and didactic contents for each level directed to the convenient use of verbal strategies.


Spanish, Basque and English teacher. My love for learning and knowledge of the languages and being a good competent when communicating ideas, have made me choose the path of how to become an eloquent person taking into account the importance of verbal communication in different situations of life. In this way, I have become a creative teacher with initiative who takes advantage of their linguistic qualifications to be able to perform an effective job.


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Dirección: María Díaz de Haro 36, 48010 Bilbao

Teléfono: 660 05 97 94

Horario: Lunes a Viernes: 10.00 h a 14.00 h – 16.00 h a 20.30 h

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