1. Enrolment and payment

For full enrolment in any of the programs, the participants must fill out and submit an enrolment form to Ele-Eder in the same way as an enrolment fee must be paid.
Pre-payments are made at the final price and in no case will be refundable.
The full payment of the program of classes must be made before the start of the same one according to the mode of payment.



2.1   The groups will have a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 8 students for schoolchildren and foreigners courses and a maximum of 6 for adult courses, reserving the school the right to modify this number for reasons of force majeure. In case of not reaching the minimum number of students, before or during the first week of the course, three possibilities are envisaged:

2.1.1   The school will offer a special course with reduction of hours or collection of a supplement.

2.1.2  The school reserves the right to cancel the group.

2.1.3  The school will return, to those who have made the payment, the proportional portion of the classes not yet received.


3. Withdrawals

If a student withdraws from the program once it has begun, any payment previously made will not be refunded. Those participants undertaking the main course will be able to save what’s left of their course and recommence within a period of up to a year afterwards.


4. Discipline

The school reserves the right to ask the participant to withdraw from the program for disciplinary reasons. This extreme step will mean the loss of all previous payments made by the participant.


5. Under 18

Those persons under 18 that participate in any of the programs must do so with consent from a parent or guardian who assume that Instituto Hemingway should inform them upon fixing timetables, activities and disciplinary actions to which their children or pupils will yield.

6. Responsibilities

The school cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss of time, money or other possessions that may affect the participant throughout their undertaking of the program.


7. Damages

The participants will be held personally responsible for any damage or liability occurred during the course of the program.


8. Missed Classes

The school cannot be held responsible for any of the classes that the student may not be able to attend. In the case that classes are missed because of illness or unforeseen circumstances of up to a week in duration, the student will be able to have the classes made up provided that the reason is well justified.

The school stays closed on days that are national or local holidays. The student does not have the right to have the classes made up which are missed due to this reason.

The classes are given in accordance with the timetables, number of students, levels and conditions that are published. The school is obligated to comply with the specified conditions and in particular the maximum limit of students per class, the timetable and levels. Students will be able to ask for a change of program and level, although the decision about what is best for you is ultimately up to the teaching team.


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